The dreaded big six-o

How did that happen??
I’m not ready!!!
Forty was bad enough; it sounded far too grown up.
Fifty was worse; far too sensible.
But sixty sounds grey, wrinkled, ancient and positively decrepit!
S’pose I’ll just have to get used to it 🤔

We started the so-called celebrations last Friday, when Nick took me out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant; on Saturday the band was playing at a sheep shearing during the day, then we went to see a friend’s band play in Nogaro in the evening and Sunday was spent at Kieran and Alice’s, a very relaxing sort of day.

Today we’d intended to head off in the camper for a few days, but waking to howling winds and lashing rain soon put paid to that, so we spent the day shopping for light fittings and stuff for the new house instead.

Nick’s got something up his sleeve for tomorrow, I’m not sure what, except that it’s dependent on the weather. No photos today, but he assures me there’ll be some tomorrow, if the weather’s ok. Watch this space.