You never know what’s around the corner

When we moved here, Kieran decided he’d come with us for a year, to help with the building work. At the end of that year, having barely scratched the surface of the work that needed doing, he agreed to stay for a second year, during which he met Alice, now his wife.

Alice’s parents are architects, who run a family firm and Kieran was soon looking after their computers. He’s really found his niche there and is now an integral member of the team,¬† loves playing with the 3D printer, has installed a new software system that builds¬† incredibly detailed models of buildings and which is a requirement for architects designing public buildings. He is also working on introducing an ethos of good customer service across the company, a totally alien concept to the French.

Anyone who knows him will be aware that Kieran is not someone who enjoys being in the limelight, so when he was asked to do a series of presentations on the new software system to other architects, it was his worst nightmare. The presentation was about 20 minutes long and there was to be time for questions afterwards; of course, it was all in French, to be repeated three times in a day. He says it went fine; which, given Kieran-speak, probably means it was brilliant. I’m so proud of him!

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